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Working On It

See other users tickets

Shimon Goldner 1 year ago updated by Jason Claggett 2 months ago 11

admins used to have access to see other users tickets, which has helped us a lot in the past.


Home / University User Management

Dale Betts 3 years ago updated by Jenn Hoffman 4 months ago 5

Active users appear in the ConnectWise Home User and Application Settings.
BUT active AND inactive users appear in the Train My Team list.
There is NO WAY to remove inactive users from the Train My Team list. So if an employee leaves, they continue to show up in the Train My Team list indefinitely. 

Is there a plan for functionality to better manage users going forward? For example, I'd love to be able to remove my inactive users from the Train My Team list without completely deleting them. It used to be that the User Portal allowed for managing users better. That functionality seems to have disappeared with the addition of home.

Are there plans for better functionality around user management?

Working On It

Stop hiding tickets

Sean Keown 4 years ago updated by Tracy Warner 3 years ago 2

Since i don't have anywhere else to vent.    Stop hiding service tickets!!

What's the purpose of the home website when it doesn't show all my service tickets? Almost 1/3 or more of my tickets are hidden from my view forcing me to keep an excel sheet of every interaction with connectwise.  I've complained about this but have been told it's by design..

Yes.. CW hides the tickets from your view by design... Maybe they are hoping you'll forget about them over time..


New logos on the home page slow me down

Emerson Yerian 2 years ago updated by Mike Raffia (Product Manager) 1 year ago 5

The new home page logos slow me down.  Please bring back the colors and make the actual product name larger, we all know that we are on the ConnectWise home screen "ConnectWise" above "Automate" could either be smaller or removed.  

For example, I looked over and clicked on the "Green" icon to open Automate.  I didn't need to read the links. 

Image 3390


Ability To See Last Login Details and Export to CSV

Cameron Read 3 years ago updated by Sarah Dockendorf 2 years ago 1

I am trying to move our users to using Home and SSO and I need to know who has done what requested and who hasn't.


Ability to Sort or Filter Users

Cameron Read 3 years ago updated by Sarah Dockendorf 2 years ago 1

I would like to be able to sort or filter users by the Status column and the authentication column.


Train my team audit trail

Arron Harlow 3 years ago 0

I'd like the ability to see how long a Technician has actively worked on training.  Kind of like an ticket audit trail, but for training.  This would help give us an idea of where a Technician is having difficulties, if any. 


Better End-User Management, API Access, BrightGauge Integration

Todd Smith 2 months ago updated by Sven Buijvoets 2 months ago 4

Currently we are unable to export a list of more than 50 users at a time. We have 9 pages worth of users. With the BrightGauge SSO requirements coming soon, we will be adding another 400 client users to CW Home. When we do this, it will make the CW Home User Management extremely painful. 

We need to be able to export ALL users to a single CSV. I do not want to have to export 20+ CSV's and combine them to view this data. 

Ideally, there would be API integration into CW Home for User Management for reporting, or bulk changes.

BrightGauge Integration with CW Home User Management would also be helpful. We have most of our 3rd party tools with user data into BrightGauge so we can more easily compare and see which licenses or user accounts we can disable/delete.


Allow regular users too see the app waffle to quickly get to ASIO

Cindy Reid 7 months ago updated by Larry Kahm 6 months ago 1

In CW Home, regular users cannot see the app waffle in the top right corner, I use this to navigate to the Asio Platform as it’s much easier to remember home.connectwise.com than control.itsupport247.net. What’s weird is that only users with the Admin permission in Home can see the app waffle, yet you do not need to be an Admin to access Asio Platform or the other apps it links to, so I’m wondering why regular users can’t see it?


ConnectWise System Status available without authentication (when SSO is broken, for example)

Sam Parker 2 years ago updated by Brian Simpson 2 months ago 1

https://university.connectwise.com/University/SystemStatus/SystemStatus.aspx needs to be accessible without authentication (logging in).  Otherwise, partners cannot view status when SSO is broken, etc.