Better End-User Management, API Access, BrightGauge Integration

Todd Smith 1 month ago updated by Sven Buijvoets 3 weeks ago 4

Currently we are unable to export a list of more than 50 users at a time. We have 9 pages worth of users. With the BrightGauge SSO requirements coming soon, we will be adding another 400 client users to CW Home. When we do this, it will make the CW Home User Management extremely painful. 

We need to be able to export ALL users to a single CSV. I do not want to have to export 20+ CSV's and combine them to view this data. 

Ideally, there would be API integration into CW Home for User Management for reporting, or bulk changes.

BrightGauge Integration with CW Home User Management would also be helpful. We have most of our 3rd party tools with user data into BrightGauge so we can more easily compare and see which licenses or user accounts we can disable/delete.

Hello Todd, 

Thank you for your message.

We would like to better understand your use case for exporting the users, this can help us efficiently serve you.  It would be great if you can share a few details with us:

  • Why do you need the data to be exported? (E.g., I would export the data to take a look at the count of disabled users in my system)
  • How do you make use of the connected application information assigned to each user? (Whenever we export the data, the exported CSV consists of the user's first name, last name, CW email, Identity Role, and the Connected applications)
  • What is the critical piece of information that you think must be available when you export the data?

With respect to BrightGauge Integration with CW Home User Management, the implementation of role assignment for BrightGauge connected application is underway and is a priority roadmap deliverable for us. If you were referring to anything in particular in regards to the BrightGauge Integration with CW Home User Management, please feel free to enlighten me.

Why? Need to be able to compare the list of users in CW Home across our Entra/365 Users, so we can determine which accounts need to be disabled/deleted, or which are missing. Having it as a CSV makes it easier for us to compare with other user account exports. Would also make it easier to report on which clients have access.

How to we make use? Main focus is email address, but all of the other information is useful. We would correlate the email address of the account in CW Home with the email address in M365/Entra.

Critical piece? Email address, First Name, Last Name, User status (enabled/disabled), Identity Role, Connected Apps, Date Created, Date Modified. 

I was hoping for the integration of user data FROM CW Home INTO BrightGauge as a dataset, to view the user account information. That would allow us to add another layer on a User Account Status gauge we have built, which shows us user accounts across all of our toolsets, not just ConnectWise products. This allows us to quickly see if there is a disabled account in 365 and active account in Tool XYZ we need to disable/delete it.  With larger environments with dozens of tools it is easy to miss a step in a user offboarding. Even if we can export a SINGLE CSV and manually import it into BrightGauge that'll be helpful for now.

The BrightGauge user account management from CW Home is going to be a major challenge without better user account visibility. We have close to 500 BrightGauge users, and our current CW Home is already not manageable with 450+ users. I don't want to export 9 CSV's and combine them into one every time I need to view the data and figure out which accounts need to be cleaned up, which is what we'd currently have to do.

Thank you Todd for sharing your use cases and the feature request with us. I appreciate your response. I have asked my team to evaluate how we can allow you to export all of your users. There are some criticalities concerning the response time for extracting this information leading to timeouts, but we are looking at how we can provide the best possible experience to our partners. I will get back to you once I have further developments on this feature request.

Totally agree with Todd, an API sould be the least being offered for user management in HOME. It is almost impossible to do correct usermanagement for 400+ users in HOME, it takes a lot of extra manual work each month with on-boarding and off-boarding of users that could and should be automated (and arent we all in the business of automation?) . 

Especially since you can't do without having all your users in HOME if you want to use parts of ConnectWise using ConnectWise SSO.