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Dale Betts 3 years ago updated by Jenn Hoffman 4 months ago 5

Active users appear in the ConnectWise Home User and Application Settings.
BUT active AND inactive users appear in the Train My Team list.
There is NO WAY to remove inactive users from the Train My Team list. So if an employee leaves, they continue to show up in the Train My Team list indefinitely. 

Is there a plan for functionality to better manage users going forward? For example, I'd love to be able to remove my inactive users from the Train My Team list without completely deleting them. It used to be that the User Portal allowed for managing users better. That functionality seems to have disappeared with the addition of home.

Are there plans for better functionality around user management?

yes, this please! 

Dale,  when we moved all user management to ConnectWise Home User and Application Settings, it did create a gap on managing users on your Train your Team page.  This was maintained previously via the My Company Contacts page.  The good news is that this gap is being addressed and is currently in testing.  The Train your Team page will mimic your User Settings.  If you remove a user from SSO, they will be removed from the Train Your Team page and the same if you add new users to your SSO tenant.  


I would like to add User Organization to the Home User Management.  Allow us to group users by company, etc.  All users are just in a huge list currently.

Would like to see filters for Home users, to sort by Active vs Inactive and to see an Activity log or last login date. 

Allow us to group members by department and auto assign courses based on those departments/categories.