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Stop hiding tickets

Sean Keown 4 years ago updated by Tracy Warner 3 years ago 2

Since i don't have anywhere else to vent.    Stop hiding service tickets!!

What's the purpose of the home website when it doesn't show all my service tickets? Almost 1/3 or more of my tickets are hidden from my view forcing me to keep an excel sheet of every interaction with connectwise.  I've complained about this but have been told it's by design..

Yes.. CW hides the tickets from your view by design... Maybe they are hoping you'll forget about them over time..

Working On It

Hi Sean,

I can see how this would be frustrating. I have requested our operations team review the list of boards we restrict access to. I will update you once I hear back. 

Thanks for your feedback!

I second Sean's comment. A year later I have exactly the same thing to ask - Why would my support tickets being visible have anything at all to do with which Board CW is using? Please fix.