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See other users tickets

Shimon Goldner 1 year ago updated by Jason Claggett 2 weeks ago 11

admins used to have access to see other users tickets, which has helped us a lot in the past.


Was just coming here to create an enhancement request. 


This is a big loss of functionality and essential to have in a ticket portal.


My frustration is that I believe this feature was available in the previous version of the portal.


it was and was used a lot by my team


Well, just got off the phone with a whole team from connectwise and was told, "we're working on it," and it will be done "soon," but we have "no eta".  Oh, and they told me to come here and vote on it. With a whopping 14 votes, I'm sure this is going to move right up the list.


I was told that I didn't have the correct permissions, I showed that I did have the correct permissions, I was sent a link telling me how to add the correct permissions, I replied saying that they did not work because I already had the correct permissions, I was then told it was an enhancement request and directed here. This sort of thing is basic stuff. Very disappointed. 


Visibility of tickets raised by anyone in our organisation definitely existed prior to the recent cutover to the Case handling system.

It is a backward step that this option no longer exists and affects our ability as an organisation to easily share responsibilites in chasing progress on issues

We have had similar issues with other Vendor products we use (who have also moved across to different support systems) - they have been swift to address the problem (i.e. within days)

Interesting that this request is 10 months old, and is still being worked on, especially since it appears to be the highest voted topic by a landslide.  

We also need to be able to have visibility of ALL tickets open with CW.  At the current date, as the Director of IT, I can't see any tickets that any of my staff have opened other than my own.  

If I need to get involved in tickets that we need to get traction on being able to move forward, then I need to have that visibility to be able to step in and see what we can do to get them moving forward.  

Having tickets open for more than a week with no response are the kinds of things that I need to be able to see so that I can work through some kind of escalation process because that ticket is keeping us from being able to complete work, monitor systems, etc. 

Can we please get an update on this issue?   You've been working on it for 11 months.

Yes, this is really bad that your End User portal that we setup for our customers has this ability but the partners portal (a.k.a. Home) does not. Come on ConnectWise let's get this one over the finish line.