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The Enhancement Forums is one of several listening posts used to bring enhancement ideas to the ConnectWise Product Management Team. We utilize information from support tickets, information gathered from our onsite Consulting Team and our Sales Team during the sales process, as well as one-on-one or group discussions with our partners. 

Do you have an enhancement you want to suggest or have you come across an enhancement you would like our Product Management Team to review?  Vote and leave a comment.  The more information gathered on the enhancement, the easier it is to make the case to the Product Management Team. The Product Management team automatically reviews enhancements with 250 votes or more and we will provide any updates to that enhancement as they become available.

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Augmentt integration to BrightGauge

Olivier Martin 3 days ago 0

Allow Brightgauge & CPQ SuccessList report to integrate

Nicholas Wixon 3 weeks ago updated by Prithviraj Patil 2 weeks ago 1

Moving around Gauges on a Dashboard is very Painful

Michael See 2 months ago updated by Prithviraj Patil 2 weeks ago 2

Microsoft 365 Integration to Brightgauge

Nicholas Filicetti 3 weeks ago 0

Calculated column in List Gauge

Paul Wegner 1 month ago 0

KnowBe4 Integration to BrightGauge

Nicholas Filicetti 3 weeks ago 0


David Bell 1 month ago 0

Report Page Export Option

Nex-Tech TSG - Tony Anthony 2 months ago 0