Moving around Gauges on a Dashboard is very Painful

Michael See 2 months ago updated by Prithviraj Patil 2 weeks ago 2

Moving Gauges in BG is painful when you have alot of gauges on a dashboard.  Every time you move one gauge it has to resize and you can't even move to the top of the dashboard easily.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out and giving the valuable feedback.

We are working on an enhancement (Save button for Dashboard) which would reduce this pain point of moving, resizing the gauges in the dashboard. The tentative timeline to release is April month end. We will keep this thread updated with any changes. 

Thanks & Regards,


We have released a 'Save Button' to Parent dashboards as they were the most facing challenges in terms of adding multiple gauges, etc. With the latest release, all changes to parent dashboard will take place only post saving the changes making changes to gauges, resizes, etc. easy. 

Thank you!