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The ConnectWise Home development team uses an agile process. 

Every post made here is read by someone on the Product team at ConnectWise. Try to think outside of your immediate needs and format your enhancement requests and feedback as actionable.

Try to answer these questions-

  • Why?
  • What business outcome would I gain from this feature or change?
  • What difficulties or problems are you trying to solve with your team?

The status' are simple and easy to understand. If you see something that Needs Your Feedback, read it and comment! The more voices we have in this forum, the better solution the team can provide.

One of our core values is "We Obsess with Partner Success" and this forum allows us another channel in which to have conversations around your success.

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Working On It

See other users tickets

Shimon Goldner 1 year ago updated by Jason Claggett 2 months ago 11

Home / University User Management

Dale Betts 3 years ago updated by Jenn Hoffman 4 months ago 5
Working On It

Stop hiding tickets

Sean Keown 4 years ago updated by Tracy Warner 3 years ago 2

New logos on the home page slow me down

Emerson Yerian 2 years ago updated by Mike Raffia (Product Manager) 1 year ago 5

Ability To See Last Login Details and Export to CSV

Cameron Read 3 years ago updated by Sarah Dockendorf 2 years ago 1

Ability to Sort or Filter Users

Cameron Read 3 years ago updated by Sarah Dockendorf 2 years ago 1

Train my team audit trail

Arron Harlow 3 years ago 0

Better End-User Management, API Access, BrightGauge Integration

Todd Smith 2 months ago updated by Sven Buijvoets 2 months ago 4

Allow regular users too see the app waffle to quickly get to ASIO

Cindy Reid 7 months ago updated by Larry Kahm 6 months ago 1