ConnectWise Home Timeouts

Bruce Hanson 3 years ago updated by Jason Egli 2 years ago 1

Session Timeout ConnectWise Home


A great feature that I would love to see added to the ConnectWise Suite is a Timeout Session for ConnectWise Home. 

By default we purchased many products in the suite of software with ConnectWise, and since this is cloud based, there isn't much control when it comes to who accidentally leaves an open home session open on a general computer. 

When using the HOME SSO configuration, our products: manage, automate, control, sell, itboost, if a session is forgotten about, a random user who knew where to click could get all sorts of passwords and access to things. This would be bad. 

I guess the workaround here is to not use ConnectWise Home SSO and move to a 3rd party SSO provider. But I'd rather not as I enjoy the native functionality of CW Home's SSO.  It works great.  

I would like to up-vote this. It seems like a very basic feature. For a portal that allows access to ConnectWise Control and Automate, it seems like a huge security risk to have this stay signed in indefinitely. I'll put in another feature request, but I would love the ability to remove the Keep me logged in check box as well.