I have several problems with the "functionality" of Connectwise's suite of software

Kirk Engard 3 years ago 0

Things that I shouldn't have to tell you:

Client Portal is crippled. It used to do more. But the old one sits there deactivated, waiting for people to accidentally try to use it. I was told the button to use the defunct portal could not be removed. The lack of creativity over there is staggering.

Automate and Control do not integrate with Manage like they used to. There are still screen shots of what I expected to happen once we synced Manage and Automate. I guess that was the old way. The new way is no.

The four main products you offer Manage, Automate, Control, and Sell operate like wildly different beasts having no relationship to one another. These were clearly designed by different teams with different levels of competency.

The main SSO Home screen is a shopping cart. I don't know about you but I think it's weird that our internal BMS has a "cart" button.

No Dashboards anymore (just blank white screens) Not much to say about this other than blaaaaaah. I was told you were working on a fantastic dashboard system that would put relevant data front and center for each employee. Blank white screen.

Company Sites have limited use (very difficult to set up and navigate) It looks like some functionality was added since I first complained about this, but it's still obtuse.

Product Bundles do not work as promised. A product bundle can not have services and labor agreements together or something like that. I remember it being confusingly useless. I don't want to look up the specifics.

Billing Cycles do not work as promised. Your system does not calculate a monthly service as a quarterly invoice or any combination of quarterly, monthly, and yearly services pricing and billing billing cycles. It's just a line of math missing which basically makes the software unusable to us.

No Mobile App. Let me take that back. There is a mobile app, which forwards to a website, which forwards to another website, which opens something called Legacy ConnectWise Mobile App. I don't like the sound of that. But, it doesn't matter because my phone opens webapps in Safari and your software doesn't work in Safari.

Slow and Boring tutorials no one will sit through. Wow. These take forever to watch. And they are awful. Then there is a test with five question. They always have the same formula. Three questions you could have answered without watching the video. One question that was actually from the video. And one question that was not mentioned in the video.

The Calendar in Manage is not great.

Advertising everywhere. I don't need employees being further confused by you showing them products and functions we don't have. Stop gamifying our BMS.

Slow. The system is very slow. I see that spinning blue thing a lot.

Support is tedious. No phone support for a product we pay thousands for a month. So every question and every discussion needs to take at least a week of typing back and forth and repeating what I typed because somehow your techs don;t "hear" us when we type. They like to answer questions we didn't ask and close tickets.

Grey icons everywhere (they look "greyed out") That's the universally understood interface color for things that can not be used. You use it for stuff all over.

You can't see more than one phone number on a contact unless you click and look through the options of possible phone numbers. Plus the options for phone number and email type are silly

Weird word choices

  • Company instead of client or customer
  • Site instead of Location
  • Member instead of User
  • Agreement instead of Contract
  • Addition instead of Product (Only in an Agreement)
  • Configurations instead of Installations
  • etc.

Clicking the icons on the icon nav on the left doesn't do anything. What a wasted opportunity for a little affordance

Speaking of affordance, your software doesn't have any. I don't think anyone working there even knows what it means.

Doesn't work on Safari. A small company called Apple distributes a web browser called Safari. You ignore it. Nothing works, including the Home, on Safari for iOS or MacOS.

There is no way of knowing how anything works or how to do anything in your software without looking it up. But also your documentation is so fragmented and poor, looking it up mostly returns old documentation so really the only way to know how to use any part of this software is someone has to tell you. The UI is so awkward and unintuitive every user has to be trained personally and repetitively, like a jet pilot learning the cockpit of the f18.