Ticket Priority / Severity Field

Sean Keown 4 years ago 0

Need the ability to set the perceived ticket severity / priority. Example, just because connectwise deems a ticket a priority 100 doesn't mean that we do. Maybe have a connectwise priority and a customer severity. This could help when determining ticket urgency. 

Prompt us when creating a ticket how severe the problem is. If we select something like 0 create a popup making us acknowledge that the system is unusable or something. 

  • Severity 0 - Enterprise System Down
  • Severity 1 - Business Critically Impacted
  • Severity 2 - Business Moderately Impacted
  • Severity 3 – General Question Low Impact

But most important, let us change these severities. Just because it's a severity 3 today or when the ticket was created doesn't mean it didn't move to a severity 2 or severity 1 while time has passed. If we change it, prompt us for the justification of the change.